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A Revolutionary Way to Invest Crypto or Global Fiat into the US Real Estate Debt Market

How will your Contributions be Invested?

FCI International REIT provides you with the opportunity to invest in direct ownership in US Real Estate Debt memorialized on a private blockchain. A Digital Twin provides proof of your investment, and does not rely on non-secured Crypto Coins or NFTs to represent ownership. All debt is collateralized by US Real Estate and financial activities are processed by licensed US financial institutions

What happens if the Debt stops paying?

All debt assets held by FCI International REIT is collateralized by property values that showcase the stability of the US Real Estate market. This security permits the REIT to follow US legal procedures to still provide a return on investors’ contributions. All REIT transactions are done in US Dollars, and will be paid out and reported in US Dollars, with the ability of the investors to convert payouts to any currency or Crypto of their choice. All the REIT investments will be secured by real estate located within the US, and after all collections efforts are made by our Servicer, an Attorney will be hired to exercise our legal enforcement rights to initiate a foreclosure process on the loan asset, which may end up with the REIT taking ownership to the property. Upon taking ownership to the secured property, and depending upon the type of property, such as an income producing, the REIT managers will decide to either hold the property as an Asset and income producing property or decide to liquidate and sell the property.

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How will I receive My Profits?

You can receive quaterly crypto payments to your prefered wallet or bank account.

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